Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Using Your Cell Phone Camera Effectively

One must think are there any ways that we can use our camera effectively the answer is yes if you keep in mind some precautions that will definitely to produce awesome result, but don’t try to match it with some professional cameras available in the market today. That you give you en edge over the other average people that just point target and capture their images.
So here are the guidelines you must follow while using you cell phone camera.   

Don’t keep subjects sunbeam hitting them in the face directly.
If there are some overcast weather conditions, these are best suitable lighting conditions for a photographer. In sunny conditions, you’re your subjects stand in the shade where you can find the brightest portion.
Don’t let your cell phone move while pressing the shutter that will distort your picture and you will lose you moment. Try to take a long breath in hold your breath for few seconds if possible while just pressing the shutter and let go that will keep you cell phone camera still and prevent you image from being distorted.
I hope these tips will help to start and take some great pictures in the future.

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