Sunday, 12 June 2011

How To Read Photography Tutorials

There are basically some levels of tutorial that we need to discuss before we jump into the topic, where do find tutorial is not a big issue any more but how you follow those instruction need to be understood well. Digital cameras arrives with a some instruction manuals including some photography tutorials as well which some how instruct you that you want to learn about capturing images with your new digital camera in available in the market today market today. But you must know your level of interest.

Some people have a bad tendency of reading books and article without going chapter by chapter or step by step they keep, they kept looking at the index, glossary here and there upside down and only read the topic of their interest directly. Index and glossary and aimed to provide to quick reference whenever you need. I discussed earlier is not going to do you any harm will also helps you most of the time and it depends on you what you want to do with your camera if you want to do some extra ordinary creative work you need to show some patients also don’t expect yourself to be a professional photographer overnight and don’t try to ready the entire.

What is common most of the Digital Photography Tutorial?
Basically there are three levels of instructions that you need to follow step by step if you already know the 1st you can jump to 2nd level and so on. So what are those three levels?
(a) Basic Level Instructions
b) Intermediate Instructions
(c) Advance Instructions

Basic Level Instructions
The 1st level is obviously about the camera type that you are holding in your hand capabilities, features and modes. Most of the digital cameras are user-friendly and you can master the art of handling even you new camera in approximate 15-20 minutes, lets add some more time not everyone can adopt new things quickly so at a maximum duration 30 minutes you can easily get use to a digital camera well equipped with latest technology.
Intermediate Instructions
2nd level the is about using your camera in differently at certain conditions well discussed in my earlier blog please step 1 of photography tips. Will tell you about the capabilities and how to get best results by switching to predefined mode and do some experiments under different lighting and weather condition so you can expect what result you camera will produce under these conditions.

Advance Instructions
3rd level is post photography task that will introduce to some software photography editing and retouching if required in some cases you can easily use them most commonly red eye spot healing, removing blemishes and freckle and its fun too and come color corrections techniques most of them are in adobe Photoshop but if you don’t try to get dirty with it otherwise use the software that comes with you digital camera. That would certainly helps you and it’s always a good idea to keep some extra tool in your bag which could gives you some edge over the others.

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