Thursday, 9 June 2011

Photography Art

There is none unambiguous definition of for the creative camera work. This is an acceptable form of art with references to pictures that are captured according to the vision of creative inspiration of a person holding a camera in his or her hand.

Most of the time the creativity is not well understood or appreciated for camera by a common man which they deserve. This is the story of the past now the rapid increase of media technology and give the people awareness of every kind right or wrong that another debatable topic everyone is being loaded with some new information everyday.

Sometimes person walking randomly carrying a camera in his hands takes some random picture and he himself doesn’t realize the art and the appreciation he is going to get with just a simple randomly taken images which he himself may not appreciate very much but later he exhibits it or show to their senior they get tremendous appreciation of being a creative art photographer.

Sometimes cameraman himself sees sometimes and already knew that he must capture that moment and he does the same and get the reward that he deserve for the creative work that he has done.

The person holding a camera sometimes he visualizes a scene in his mind that he need that kind of a shot and wait for long time for a right moment to come some times it takes years to catch the act. Let me share with you some of the most shocking and passionate creative art photographer I have ever heard in my life I don’t remember his name but still remember the story I couldn’t believe myself.

I watched this story on a TV a wildlife photographer very passionate about get the shot of very first fly of a hawk he lived in the jungle many times climbed on high trees and it took 16 years to get the 1st perfect shot that he wanted.
The lesson in this story keep trying don’t get frustrated you will get what you deserve creativity demands patience and keep learning with the process.
Good Luck for the future…

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