Friday, 24 June 2011

Fashion Photography Tips

If we take a closer look we will explore the elements of fashion photography where we go specially television advertisements, magazines, sign board and on the web. Featuring good looking men and women many of them are already famous in fashion industry, who endorses the product that they advertise.

The projections of all that stuff are made possible through the means of fashion photography. This field is highly professional therefore, requires a certain level of skill to make sure produce desired result in short span of time, and give extra ordinary consideration to lighting, color combination and overall appearance of the subject. But don’t worry if it sounds too heavy by learning some crucial photography tips will aid to produce some better results as a beginner.

Before learning anything you need some equipment
Good camera, a tripod, and a lighting system. Make sure you have plenty of film and extra batteries available incase you need more.

Must know your subject well as learning never ends in any field keep that in mind. Go through the stuff already in the market in magazine try to grasp the background and try to reverse engineer it try to think what you need to make similar results do some experiments. Find some voluntary subject initially you can’t find any professionals to give you a free shot.

At first get your hands dirty on making a portfolio. Keep gather your outputs never discard anything in most of the cases. You will keep improving with the time and that is for sure. Your collection can give you some outstanding opportunities never forget that you are always learning. You must have at least 20 minimum photos in portfolio of yours and variations in styles and exploring different things.

Submit your stuff to online gallery this is the best way to project your work in mainstream market, get feedback what they feel about your work if got negative comments take it positively.
Good luck...

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